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For each job completed we give a donation under your name to the Local COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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Being from McKinney Texas, we have seen it all. Within the past 20 years we have experienced growth in surrounding areas (McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Allen) like no other. We have witnessed the fly by roofing companies that come in and out with the intentions of doing a poor job and leaving.

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We were fortunate enough to buy our first official Company truck!!!

I know it’s not the newest, or the flashiest, but it’s ours and VERY proud of it!

I debated on posting this for weeks, because it’s not easy for me to post about self accomplishments. I talk about my businesses (Boomerang Strategies & Roofing Ontop & Exteriors), but rarely look at achievements i have done as an individual.

In No way or form am I posting to show off or brag in any way, but I'm posting this because you never know who needs to see something like this. If my journey can be a spark to set someone’s next chapter in their own lives, thats all i care about!

If you would have told me 7yrs ago that i would one day own, not just 1 business but 2, i would have told you, “Callate la boca" (shut your mouth)!

My thoughts would have been,
With what money?
Who would believe in me?
Am i even smart enough to do this?

💯 I’m a 5th generation Hispanic Texan that didn't quite fit in with the mexicans (b/c i didn't speak enough spanish), and wasn't anglo (b/c i didn't look "American"). I never showed it, but was made fun of from both sides (Alot).

I grew up in a small town at the time (McKinney Tx.) with 5 other siblings. As a boy i remember being on food stamps, wearing hand me downs, and always wanting to get into extra curricular activities that we couldn’t afford.

🦸‍♂️ I was lucky enough to have amazing coaches that helped pay for my fees just to play a sport that I had a passion for. We never had enough money to do things we wanted to do, but we always had enough for what we needed!

🧏‍♀️ I can’t tell you how many times my mom would tell us, “you can become whatever you want to become”. It was hard to believe at the time, and didn’t truly understand that until my later years. I Now believe this to be true.

🇺🇸 We live in the Best country in the world with endless opportunities. I’m not saying it will be easy, because it definitely is not! But Anything worth going for will ALWAYS take effort and hard work to get, and keep.

I’ve been So blessed to have good people around me. I also believe you are who you hang around with.

💡Surround yourself with Positive people, and I PROMISE you will have more positive things happen💡

🥛Once you allow yourself to believe the glass is Always half full, your thought process will open up to countless possibilities.🥛

And If you haven’t talked to our lord in a while, say hello and ask for a little help🙏. You can’t do anything ALONE.

⭐ I Thank GOD everyday for the good people that have been placed in my life. I couldn’t do anything without them (especially my wife and kids). ❣💕

If there is a chance i am capable of doing what i love, then believe me, you are highly capable to do what you love too‼️💯

Continue to work hard, Stay Focused, And Don't Listen to any Doubters... YOU GOT THIS 💪💪

Side Note: If you’ve read this far, We give FREE Roof inspections!! 😁😆

Love you guys ❤
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**Fencing problem?**

Do you or someone you know have a fencing problem like this? Nobody likes a nosey neighbor. 😊

Give us a call for a free inspection and information.

Let us help you design the fence that fits you and your family best.
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Before and after pictures of a recent completed fencing job.

You can see the great job our fencing crew did.

Let us provide free knowledge and information to you. We can help bring back value into your home.

Give us a call for a free estimate.
469-617-7701 😉
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