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Worker removing shingles from a roof in McKinney TX

Worker removing shingles from residential roof

Roof Installments

When it comes time for a new roof, you must also consider replacement material. We will help you with color, style and most importantly, cost. BUDGET MATTERS. We will walk you through the entire process, making sure you are aware and comfortable with all decisions being made.

Signs you may need a Roof Replacement

  • Decaying of shingles or siding.
  • Mildew areas or dark spots
  • Current Roof improperly installed
  • Visual Storm damage (weather/hail)
  • Ceiling stains or Wall stains
  • Leakage in your attic after a storm

Every house will eventually need a new roof. It is our responsibility, and duty to explain the entire process with you.

Examples of bad shingles (top) and water damage caused by roof leaking (bottom)

Roof Repairs

If your roof is 5+ years old, it will most likely need to be inspected by one of our professionals
If action is not taken, a leaking roof can be a financial burden. Roof leaks often lead to many long-term issues that can lead into dangerous mold, wood rotting, rusted metals, etc.

When you think you may have a leak, our reliable technicians will not only identify the problem, but they will also repair it the correct way. Our experienced professionals are here for any most common types of roofs.

Causes of roof leaks

It is important to have a professional look at all issues. Sometimes leaks can come from the most common roofing problems, such as:

  • Skylight flashing leaks
  • Pipe flanges
  • Storm damage
  • Built-up Condensation
  • Nail exposure
  • Leaf debris build up
  • Roof flashings
  • Incorrectly installed or clogged gutters
  • Incorrectly installed valley flashing
  • Incorrectly installed ridge vents
Split image showing residential and commercial roofs in north Dallas TX area

Residential & Commercial

We work on both Residential and Commercial roof and exteriors. Residential buildings includes homes (single, two, or three floors), duplexes or town homes. Commercial buildings include commercial complexes, multifamily homes, condos, apartment complexes, churches, warehouses, and restaurants. Not sure if your building is residential or commercial? Contact us for your free estimate and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Close up view of clogged gutter in north Dallas


When our experts arrive, they will pinpoint the weak spots in your current system and identify what is most likely causing damage to your roof. Oftentimes if you have not cleaned out your gutters in the recent year, it has the potential to cause the roof to leak somewhere. Debris/leaf build-up can actually cause the leaking. When gutters are clogged, water tends to get behind the siding of your home and creates those dark leaky spots. We will assess the issue and resolve it.

North Dallas area commercial roofing Roofing Ontop & Exteriors

Flat Roofs

With so many options on commercial roofs, the Flat roof is still a big favorite. By having a flat roof for your building, you are gaining a lot of benefits that include; installing is less expensive, easier to install, the view of building can seem more attractive, access to cooling and heating equipment are easily located. When contacting us, our team will indicate if a flat roof is best for your needs.

Metal roof overlooking city

Metal Roofs

There are many benefits to having a metal roof on your Residential or Commercial property vs. an asphalt roof. Having this type of material installed will give a longer life span, saves cost on energy, has a lightweight design for less force on roof structure, and has a low need for maintenance. Did you also know that metal roofs are fire resistant?

North Dallas new residential fence poles after repairs Roofing Ontop & Exteriors


Whether you want security to protect your home, a replacement from a previous storm that damaged your fence, or just privacy from that nosey neighbor, we will take care of you. Knowing how to install a proper fence can be difficult. Our Fencing specialists will examine your area and go over in detail with the best options to move forward. Our job is to make sure it is done right the first time!

North Dallas Texas home exterior new roof contractor


We understand during a storm there may be more needs than just a roof. Knowing how to assist you with your roof to gutter, fencing and other outdoor structures is important to us. We will examine exactly what type of damage the storm caused and will guide you in the correct steps to take care of all your issue(s).

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